The Hustle 5

Map pinHarris Hill Ext. | 08/19/2018

The fifth HHH is ramping up to be prove to be a trail ripping, beer belching, sweat dripping good time.

We intend to make HHH5 at least as fun as the last 4 years. Register early.. the first 40 get a collectible 24 oz. aluminum flip and sip bottle for free…. more will be available for a reasonable fee during the after race party… Which if you have not been to, has proven to be one of the premier after race party’s around.

HHH5 race loop plans to give the racer a sprinkle of this and a spattering of that. It all starts at the starting line which will be moved to the bottom of the hill on Harris HIll Road. No more help from your friend gravity. Racers will stomp on their pedals and swear at Thom and his mother, while they jocky for position straight up the hill and back into HHE’s parking lot and down the access road, turning left onto the Overland trail and then right onto Torry’s trail, left onto Humpty, right onto Humpty’s return, through the clearing (and optional beer up ok and water up) and left into Rib Tickler, stay left down past the teeter and hairpin right onto Rib, and then left into GB… you will be tossed down on the upper side of Ugly Goatboy until you take a left down Cardiac Hill (horsetrail) which spills you to the bottom of The Gut, try not to woof your cookies while you head up stream until you go right onto Myrtle’s Return, up to No Dab ridge line, and stay on No Dab all the way back to the clearing, out the access road, left onto the Overland trail, right into RomperRoom aka Skills loop, which will dump you back out into the HHE parking area where you will be meet with cheers and jeers. Beginner 6 miles. Sport 12 Expert 18.

Yes, I understand Bedlam, Funky, Wily and Lungbuster are not included in the race… I guess that means you will have to plan on hitting those up on another visit.

HHH5 will also be having a tarp sale, asking for donations of used/unwanted, but still good parts and accessories. These will be priced to move, and if you see something you like, you had better move on it, because once the raffle begins, the lucky ticket holders will be able to win a visit to the tarp sale to snag any item that catches their eye. ( if you want to donate, please email or bring it the day of the race.. appreciate it.


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